Nathaniel & Elizabeth

for the holiday season, a little glimpse from Fire Along the Sky (the new title for book four, which was called Thunder at Twilight). You’ll have to click on the link below (unless you are the kind of person who dislikes any spoilers (actually, it’s more of a preview and doesn’t give away anything big) at all, in which case, well, don’t).

excerpt from Fire Along the Sky
forthcoming Bantam Books
All Rights Reserved
Copyright Sara Donati

She found Nathaniel by himself rumbling through the baskets in the workroom.

“Am I glad to see you, Boots.” He thrust a bloody hand toward her. “I’m no good at bandages. Can you tie this up for me?”

“You’re no good at stitches either,” she said, catching his hand to look more closely at the gash that ran just below his knuckles from thumb to little finger. Blood trailed down and over the Kahnyen’kehàka tattoos that circled his wrist.

He put his head down next to hers to look at the wound more closely. “It’s just a scratch. I already cleaned it out, so bind it up for me now and let me get back to work. We were in the middle of bringing down that dead oak on the other side of Squirrel Slough.”

Elizabeth touched her forehead to his and looked him in the eye. “Nathaniel Bonner,” she said. “I want you to listen to me very closely. You need stitches or this wound will not close properly, and you know it very well yourself. You must go to Hannah or Curiosity — that much you may choose.” Then she pressed a piece of linen to the wound and began to wind it firmly.

He pushed out a frustrated sigh that rippled through the muscles in his shoulders and down his arms, giving in without more argument.

“And there’s company coming,” she added, tying off the linen and avoiding his gaze. “You’ll want to be here.”

A little spark of interest replaced the resignation in his expression. “Good company, I hope.”

“The very best,” Elizabeth promised, and kissed him on the forehead. He pulled her closer with his free arm around her waist and kissed her properly before he let her go. He smelled of honest sweat and pennyroyal ointment and pine tar and blood, and his mouth tasted of mint. Then he swung her around to pin her where she stood, his arms stemmed to either side of her head. It was one of Elizabeth’s greatest pleasures in life, to have her husband catch her up against a wall to kiss her. He knew this very well, and he used it now to his advantage.

“Are you going to tell me or will I have to tease it out of you?”

“Promise me first that you’ll let Hannah see to your hand straight away.”

He grinned at her, a flash of teeth that made him look half his age and up to no good, her wild backwoodsman of a husband, too clever by half.

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  1. I’m puzzled (also new to this site, which may explain it): what is “Fire Along the Sky”? I would assume the next book in the series, but isn’t that entitled “Thunder at Twilight”?
    — Anyway, I do love the glimpse. Thank you.

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you for the preview! And (spoiler from Lake in the Clouds),since Elizabeth mentions letting Hannah stitch his hand, she must be back from going west w/ her husband (Strikes the Sky, I believe) — oh I can’t wait to join the Bonner family again!!!! I just wish they’d include pictures so I could see your characters outside of my imagination — is that not done in novels?

  3. This just makes it harder to wait for the book to come out. Sounds delicious. I don’t care how many other characters are in the books no one can ever garner as much of my interest as Elizabeth and Nathaniel.

  4. I actually watched Last of the Mohicans again for the 20th time, to get ready to reread Into the Wilderness, Dawn on a Distant Shore and Lake in the Clouds for the 30th time! I absolutely love the books, the tradition you carried on with them, and cannot wait for the next installment. YOur characters are as real to me as anyone alove. Keep up the good work! Can I be a Beta reader for you?

  5. You are absolutely one of my favorite authors!! I wish I could fast forward summer, so I have your new book Fire Along the Sky in my hands. Either you need to write faster, or I have to read slower, which is impossible once I start on one of your books. You are to be commended for your vivid and interesting descriptions of the lives of the Bonners and all that surrounds them. You make reading a pleasure,I can’t wait!!!

  6. It’s great to hear that Hannah’s back. Now I just have to wait to see what has become of Hawkeye (my personal favourite). I’m eagerly awaiting Fire Along the Sky.

  7. I cant wait , every time someone goes to town which is 600k/m away I ask is it there yet the only problem is that eventualy I know it will end and that is a sad thought but believe me there will be many re-reads as I think the Wilderness series is one of the finest series of books I have ever read (considering its not even finished yet )marro along with Diana Gabaldon’s series well done and keep them coming…….

  8. I haven’t been content since I read and re read the first three books in the series. I cannot find any books to match yours, I am firmly and happily in love with all the characters especially Nathaniel! Can’t wait for the next two. roll on the Summer!

  9. I love this books so much I can’t wait for the next book. The charactrs are like your friends you just love them. You want to know that they are alright. I look forward for the next two books.

  10. Oooh i can’t wait for the new book. I love your books and love Elizabeth and Nathaniel.
    Keep writing, you are by far one of my fave authors!!!

  11. Can someone please tell me the order of books for the Elizabeth and Nathaniel series. I wish to read them all but do not know which book I should start with

  12. I really love your stories they feel so real when you read them it’s just like being there.
    find it hard to put your books down even when i’m mean’t so be studying for university.Have read all three over and over again can’t wait for this next one , though will probably takes ages before is released in new have an amazing talent keep on writing, all the best from nz.

  13. SaRA, you are TRULy ONe of those RARe GReAT STORy TeLLeRs!!!

    THaNK YOU so much for SHaRiNG… you have given me aNoTHeR iDeA!


  14. This is sooooooo good! elizabeth and Nathaniel are my favorite. And I’m gald to see that Hannah is in this book as well. I was sad to see her leave at the end of Lake in the Clouds. I can’t wait for the new book.

  15. I am so excited! Been waiting for a long time for this new one! Now, I better re-read the last book….

  16. I am so excited! Been waiting for a long time for this new one! Now, I better re-read the last book….

  17. As I neared the end of “Lake in the Clouds” I read slower and slower. What will I do with myself when I am finished? Fortunately I found your books fairly late in the piece, so I don’t have as long to wait as some of us. I hope the release in Australia will not be far behind the USA.

  18. I have a strange liking to seek out chunky thick books at the library, but it is not often that I come across a large book that is captivating. As I’m sure many other readers will agree reading a book is like developing a film in your head, I am most utterly blessed to have come across Into the Wilderness, every word held my attention and every chapter bore a vivid scene in my head. The history of early settlers in america, the native americans, the way they lived in the wilderness with respect for the Nature is something I am deeply interested in and I thank Sara for providing such a livid piece of work that strings them all together. I am equally elated to know that this discovery of mine is just the beginning to a series of books, like many many other readers I can not wait until the new book is released.
    Thank you, Sara, for producing the beautiful works of literature. Sincerely from New Zealand

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