moving on

I’ve been struggling to get this weblog into shape, which meant changing software, which meant a bit of a wait and a lot of experimentation… but here it is, finally, and I believe the format will stay this way. Note there is now room for comments, if you’d like to make them. Play nice.

Now that I’ve got this blog running the way I want it too, I will try to write a little tomorrow about Queen of Swords and where I am in the creative process.

Oh and, Farscape was on tonight. The episode from season four: A Prefect Murder. On a ten point scale I’d rate this episode a six, except it focuses a great deal on Aeryn, so it gets an extra point for a total of seven. It did move the overall story arc along, especially regarding the relationship between the main characters.

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  1. Sara, i have a question here, do you find that your contempary and science fiction reading and TV veiwing influence some of your historical writing? i guess from the beginning of time man probably has thought basically the same things just technology and society changes influences are different. As i found it hard to believe that a lot of women did not think like ELiZaBETH BoNNeR… i myself, probably would of been burned at the stake if i had lived during those times when such pratices were in.

  2. Oh! I like this! I feel as though I am finally going to be able to “get to know” Sara Donati as a person… not just an author. Thank you for doing this and thanks for the reading recommendations. I intend to look for them all.

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