…I own, or should own, because I like them enough to re-watch each of them multiple times.

It was interesting to put this list together (observing my own idiosyncratic tastes; I’m sure it would be possible to draw all kinds of conclusions about me from the list), but because most readers won’t care too much about this, I’ve put it in the extended body section of this entry (link below). Please note that there are some guilty pleasures in the list, and I’m not going to defend any of them.

I’m planning a list of favorite short stories, too, at some point (making the list leads me to re-reading them, which is a Good Thing as far as my own creative process goes) — and I’ll banish that list to the extended body (what a strange term; it evokes a lot of odd images) as well.

A Room with a View
Blast from the Past
Bull Durham
Chaplin (1993)
Contender, The (2002)
Dirty Dancing
Elizabeth (1998)
Enemy at the Gate
English Patient, The
Fugitive, The
Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The (1947)
Goodwill Hunting
Groundhog Day
High Fidelity
Impromtu (Judy Davis, not widely known)
It’s a Wonderful Life
Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day-Lewis version)
*Lonesome Dove
Mansfield Park
Philadelphia Story, The
*Pride & Prejudice
Rob Roy
Searchers, The
Sense & Sensibility (1996)
Shakespeare in Love
Strictly Ballroom
Shawshank Redemption, The
Time Bandits
Twelve Monkeys
When Harry Met Sally
While You Were Sleeping
Yanks (Richard Gere; bet you’ve never seen it)

*so it’s not a movie. so sue me

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  1. Thanks so much for writing, and I’m glad you’ve found the historical aspect of the novels so rewarding.

    Sorry the map is giving you problems. I’ll pop over there and put you (as the first Canadian) up.


  2. I have been trying to post on your map without success – no big deal. I’m from Ontario, Canada and have found your books to be a great source of information about the Mohawks, their traditions and their roots.
    I have been amazed by how many times I have been able to answer questions just from the knowledge gained from your books – thank you for that.
    My daughter just finished a report on Kateri Tekakwitha – it reminded me of Hannah and her strength.
    I started reading with Dawn on a Distant Shore – I found myself struggling with it at first. Somehow I put it away and started Into the Wilderness (my mother gave it to me) I was so involved in the story with Nathaniel and Elizabeth and one day I was cleaning up the laundry room – came across Dawn on a Distant shore and when I opened the page to where my bookmark was, I was confused when I started seeing the names Nathaniel, Hannah, Elizabeth etc…….. I was so into the first book and savouring the last few pages, it was a wonderful treat to realize there was a series of them.
    I bought Lake in the Clouds for a flight to Newfoundland……. I have started reading the Diana Gabaldon series as recommended on your last cover – hoping it will hold me until Thunder of Twilight comes out.
    Thank you for the stories – I love historical books – I always feel that I have learned something about our history as well as had a nice escape from today.
    I hope you have a wonderful day. Take care,

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