good names

Like many writers of fiction (especially historical fiction) I have a deep love of names, and I’m always on the lookout for interesting ones. Old documents are the best source, I find. These names came from property descriptions in the early 1800s. I’ll probably use some of them sooner or later.

Eppy Broom
Manlove Adams
Theophilus Ake
Polly Aydelott
Gideon Bagwill (sounds like a Middle Earth name to me, no?)
Shadrach Beavins
Azaniah Brookfield
Kittura Brown
Comfort Burton
Woolsey Callaway
Wingate Carwithin
Hetty Coffin
Avis Dolbee
Abindgo Elliott
Archibald Heaveloe

Unfortunately, the best names are often hard to use well. Case in point is the real personage Dr. Valentine Seaman, whose name caused such a ruckus among my beta readers than I had to change it. Very sad.

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  1. I think that Hettie Coffin was in my husband’s family!

    Drawing from my own ancestral family, I have always enjoyed the name “Welcome Snell.” Apparently *his* name reflected the feelings of his parents after they had… uh… “welcomed” 6 girls into the family. Feel free to use it, Sara, at any time.

  2. I’ve got another name for you… My sister, who is BIG into geneology, found a Native American great-grandmother who had converted to Christianity. Her chosen Christian name was Lettice Neal. We figured it was one of a handful of things she actually understood in church. hahahaha

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