Farscape (what else?)


The first three seasons of Farscape are now available on videotape or DVD, so the question is: have you seen it yet? Want some suggestions on which episodes to watch first? I’d be happy to help. Already sliding into addiction? Stop by Watch Farscape or Farscape World and you’ll see you’re not alone: there are a lot of very smart, very discriminating people who are in the same boat.

“… the most irreverent, unpredictable, sexy, intelligent and exciting sci fi show on TV … incredible chemistry … some of the most vivid and compelling fantasy creatures ever created … a joy to watch …”

“… by far the best and most inventive SF TV show on the air at the moment … Farscape has once again surpassed anyone’s wildest hopes and expectations …”

2 Replies to “Farscape (what else?)”

  1. The ever-vigilent RydraWong pointed out a blog review of a less worthy “sci-fi” program, which broke into this little lovenote to Farscape —

    “…we?re not advancing much beyond green slave girls from Orion with this stuff [on Program X], and that?s not nearly enough to cut it in the post-Buffy, post-Xena, post-Scully age. (Not with Farscape?s everybody-into-the-pool pan-sexual over-the-top-and-back-around-for-another-bite pathos-and-leather-and-Warner-Brothers snogfest kicking out a whole new set of jams.)”

    Sums it up nicely, I think. And, c.f. the insightful quick review/introduction at http://www.teevee.org/archive/2002/05/14/

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