excerpt: Queen of Swords

A few paragraphs from the first chapter of Queen of Swords — the fifth novel in the series — to demonstrate that Hannah is well (as the cover copy for Fire Along the Sky seems to have worried some readers):

copyright Sara Donati
All Rights Reserved

Just behind Lieutenant Hodges stood Hannah Bonner, dressed in men’s breeches and a leather jerkin over a rough shirt, her person hung about with weapons: a rifle on her back, pistols, a knife in a beaded sheath on a broad belt. She could heal or kill; he had seen her conjure miracles and blasphemies with equal ease. No mortal woman, he had called her to her face and she had not corrected him with words.

The moonlight was kind to her, as the sun was kind. In the year since they had made their uneasy alliance he had seen her every day, and still the sight of her was startling. By the standards of Wyndham’s own kind, Luke Bonner’s Mohawk half-sister could not be called beautiful. Her skin was too dark, her hair too black, her mouth too generous for pale English blood. Below dark eyes, the bosses of her cheeks cast shadows. Most damning of all, the expression in those eyes was far and away too intelligent. If her skin were as pale as snow, her mind would have isolated her; Englishmen did not know what to do with a woman like her.

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  1. ….aaaahhhhh! thanks for the fix! I’ll need one of these about every other week or so to get me through to August, 2004!! Now, if you can just get your publisher to commit to getting “Queen of Swords” out no later than 3 months after “Fire in the Sky”> :)

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