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After experimenting with a spoiler-full discussion board on the GH website and asking various people for feedback about that, it is clear to me that I haven’t yet found a configuration that works. I’m trying to decide whether to scrap the idea all together, or to try something new. 

Just another pole.
Just another pole.

I would like to have a place where people would feel comfortable asking questions about GH and my other novels, and more important still, where people might actually discuss the work. This is pretty self-serving, I’m happy to admit: it’s both useful and interesting to see how readers interpret what I write, what confuses them or works for them.  Of course the fact that it is a board that I set up means that some people won’t be comfortable voicing their opinions, no matter how clearly I say that I do not take offense at constructive criticism offered in a mutually respectful setting.  

So you see my dilemma.  Thus we have yet another poll (a double one, this time) that I hope people will take a few moments to respond to. It would be a great help to me. You are welcome to make additional remarks in the comments, but that is by no means necessary. 


Conversations & Your Comfort Zone(s)

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If you chose the first answer in this first poll, you’re finished — and thank you. If you chose the second or third, please go on to the next poll.

Conversation Settings that Would Work for Me

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5 Replies to “Conversations & Comfort”

  1. having said i like the idea of conversations, but the technology is more than i want to deal with. my reasoning is that i’m an older reader, and not great with computer technology – always happy to leave comments, and become involved in discussions as long as it is an easy to follow format. i would imagine there are quite a few people in my situation, so would really appreciate that being taken into account

  2. I very much enjoy the conversations but if you move it to Facebook I don’t have an account or want one so that will be that.

  3. Which I realize sounds meanier than I mean it to. It’s just that I will greatly miss these conversations.

  4. The second question didn’t really give an option I’m comfortable with. I like the conversational aspect. I think it’s good to have it separate for Gilded Hour, but maybe it could be a separate page on the weblog. I would probably view and/or join in about once a week or so. Any forum is OK with me as long as I can get a note in my email in box that tells me to have a look. Perhaps that rules out Facebook, I’m not sure. I hope this helps…….

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