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Carnivale is a new series, a short one: just twelve episodes. Critical reviews aren’t great. Too odd, too quirky, too slow, too demanding. The audience wants some answers, they say. The audience is confused.

Maybe we are, and maybe we aren’t. Confused might be just the ticket in a case like this. I sit down to watch Carnivale on Sunday nights and it’s true, I don’t understand every odd David Lynch-ish turn, but I’m sure interested. Just when I think it’s going to turn into a remake of the pretentious Twin Peaks, there’s a quick shuffle and voila: I’m surprised, or touched, or just plain scared. I’m normally not big on religious symbolism or mystical goings-on, but I find myself wondering about these grimy, other-talented characters who are slogging their way through the depression, grappling with good and evil and things they don’t understand but have to pay for anyway.

If your normal bill of fare is loving Raymond and you get fidigty waiting while Regis draws out the answers on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, you’re not going to like Carnivale. You probably won’t like a lot of the other stuff on HBO either. But if you’re willing to put yourself into the storyteller’s hands and let somebody else make the decisions, you will be rewarded. If you sit back, relax, and let it happen.

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  1. i like very much Carnivale.I was very intriged by the presentation the HBO made for this mouvie and i expected Carnivale so much and when they sent it i was surprised i liked so much. I was so upset becouse it was so short and so long time pased between the episodes. My favorite character is the priest .
    i hope the mouvie will continue. julie will be expected.

  2. Its awesome. I haven’t been this intrigued by a series in a while. Sopranos, I could walk away from. I could even step away from Farscape (though i keep going back ;) ). But Carnivale has had me very engrossed. It does take a little patience to sit by as the plot starts to roll forward, but for thinking person’s TV its well worth the time. Yes, it gets confusing at points. And sometimes slow. But I find the character’s compelling and want to see how the rest of the story plays out….

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