Bride of the Wilderness — Charles McCarry

out of printThis is a book that I re-read regularly. It is out of print, but worth the search.

McCarry is best known for his political novels and for a series of espionage novels focusing on the Christopher family (there’s a good article about him here). One day he decided to sit down and write a historical novel about the founding of that family, set in the early eighteenth century in London, Canada, and the wilderness that would one day be Connecticut. The title is very romance-like, and in fact there is an incredible love story (‘incredible’ just doesn’t do it, and I would insert a lot more adjectives here but I’m holding back) at the heart of this novel, but its scope is broad. It is, simply put, one of my all time favorite historicals.

It’s not too hard to find a used copy of this book, and it is at most libraries that I’ve checked.

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  1. A nice book, more proof that McCarry is much more than a spook spinner. Worth at least a few re-reads, thanks for reminding me to check it again soon.

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