A Catch of Consequence – Diana Norman

[asa left]0425190153[/asa]A Catch of Consequence is first-rate historical fiction, but that is no surprise as it is the work of Diana Norman, who I have mentioned many times.

The first line of the Booklist review hits the nail on the head, and so here it is: “Makepeace Burke hates waste, so it is only logical that she would fish a drowning man out of the ocean.”

Norman has always been a master at complex characterization, but she’s outdone herself with Makepeace. When the story opens she’s a committed revolutionary who owns a tavern in Boston. Rescuing a Tory has long-reaching consequences; she ends up fleeing for her life and whereto? England, for which she has a burning hatred. There is a romance that is subtle but utterly engaging. Norman’s characters are so complex and vivid, you will think about them for a long time after you’ve put the novel down. If I have any doubts about this novel, it’s that the troubles that come along are broadcast a little too clearly right from the beginning.

I am so glad to see that the publishers are finally bringing Norman’s work out in the States. I hope they do the whole backlist, including Fitzempress’ Law — which is impossible to find.

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    What is so good about this book?

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