The big big giveaway

prize packetBetween today and the official publication date of The Gilded Hour (September 1, 2015) anyone who leaves a comment on this weblog or The Gilded Hour website, on any page or post, will be entered into the big big giveaway. Each comment is another entry, but please note that I reserve the right to delete comments that are not on topic, that are mass produced or otherwise designed to stack the deck.  The one name drawn from all comments will receive

  1. a signed first printing edition of The Gilded Hour
  2. a new Kindle Paperwhite*
  3. one coupon entitling the holder to an evaluation of a twenty-page double-spaced fiction manuscript. If you yourself don’t have a need for such a thing, you can sell or give away the coupon. I will provide the author of the piece with written feedback on the manuscript.  I will dedicate  no  more than four hours to this evaluation. For editing and feedback I generally charge somewhere between $50 and $75 an hour. 
  4. other items that I will add over the course of the summer.

To comment on the weblog you need to first register by means of the link at the bottom of the page. 

The drawing is open to everyone. 


*If you don’t need or want a Kindle, I will substitute an Amazon gift certificate in the same value.

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The Gilded Hour unabridged audio with Blackstone

I am addicted to audiobooks. I always have at least two going. In the car, while I’m cooking or (cough) cleaning or just sitting staring into space, I love to have somebody read to me.

Blackstone Audio competed with a couple other audiobook producers and finally came out on top. They will be producing   the unabridged audio of The Gilded Hour. I’m very excited about this, and especially excited because in June they’ll decide on a reader.

It’s a matter of some anxiety for me, because there are not only MANY characters with distinctive voices, there are also bits in five different dialects of Italian, in French and Swiss German and German. Oh, and Hungarian. I know there are readers out there who can handle all this, and I’m looking forward to learning which one of them will be bringing The Gilded Hour to life.

And then there’s this reception/dinner thing at BEA15 to go to.

Blackstone Audio at the BEA

Blackstone Audio at the BEA

BookExpo America & Things to Give Away


Next week Tuesday I leave for New York and BEA. If you follow blogs and tweets about @BEA15 it sounds like a giant race, everybody jockeying for position to get as many ARCs and signed books as possible. You know what crosses my mind when I think of that? The pain of getting them home. And to be completely honest, I so much prefer reading on a Kindle that I avoid book-books wherever possible. Nostalgia for the printed page? Somehow I’m missing that.

So I’m thinking, why bother standing in line for books I won’t want? And it comes to me: you may want them. And there’s the bigger drawing coming up for the signed ARC of The Gilded Hour.

Here’s the new plan: More stuff for you.

I'll see if I can grab a copy of Hoffman's newest, not out until the fall.

I’ll see if I can grab a copy of Hoffman’s newest, not out until the fall.

I’m going to get as many interesting books as I can while I’m at BEA, and whoever wins The Gilded Hour ARC will get a bigger pile o’ books, too. Now, if you’re DownUnder or someplace else far away, I’m going to send them by boat. But I will send them.

And wait, there’s more. Whatever swag I pick up, I’ll include. So how’s that for an offer? While I’m at BEA I will tweet when I nab a book or something else to include in the Big Box.  And if anything interesting happens.  So keep an eye on me @rosinalippi @BEA15 and be sure

to register for the drawing.

story prompt: Beanie Babies

This is one of my favorite prompts of all times. It’s worth revisiting.

Beanie Kangaroo Baby

Beanie Kangaroo Baby

At the border between United States and Canada, an irate father slugged a customs officer who was trying to pry excess Beanie Babies from his daughter.

The Economist 12/5/98

Is this the beginning of the story, or the end?

Is this guy a divorced father trying to win his daughter’s approval? Is his name George, Newman, Claude, Muhammed?

Is the customs officer an old girlfriend?

Is the kid manipulating her father or is she a pawn? Is her name Tiffany, Harriet, Meg, Susie?

scroll bars?

I had a comment from someone who says that the vertical and horizontal scroll bars have stopped working for her. Is anybody else experiencing this? And if so, what kind of screen are you reading from?